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WPFToolkit DataGrid

Dec 9, 2009 at 12:59 AM

When I get back an instance of the WPFToolkit's DataGrid object..

It seems to have the right number of rows, but each row has no cells.

There are a bunch of controls in the DataGrid's Items collection, and the WPFLabels that represent the content of the cells seem to be in there.

To select a row; I am currently having to group that list of controls by their ClickablePoint.Y and send a Mouse.Instance.Click to the ClickablePoint of the first cell in the row that matches.

Now I need to implement "Is a Row Selected?" .. and I don't see how to get back from the "selected row" property to the content of that row.

Any thoughts? Anyone used these DataGrid objects successfully?


(ps. there has to be a better way.. Snoop depicts the datagrid as a DataGrid element with DataGridRow objects inside it)