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Finding Scrollable WPF controls

Apr 21, 2008 at 10:32 PM
I am trying to find a ScrollViewer control in my WPF application. It it's likely ignorance on my part, but I can't figure how to accomplish this. I have tried using the Panel object from the White framework and that returns null.

I tried pulling in the presentation framework and referencing the ScrollViewer control directly but that didn't work because it does not inherit from UIItem. Which brings up the larger question of how do you find custom controls that you don't control the source for (i.e. that don't inherit from UIItem)

Using UISpy shows the ScrollViewer as a "Pane" but I couldn't find an equivalent in the White framework.

Again, a larger concept that I am likely missing, how do you find / deal with container controls (i.e. controls that have children) Like a ItemsControl, or ContentControl in WPF?