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Get list of control types, e.g. panels

Aug 19, 2010 at 3:39 PM


Is there an easy way of getting a list of any particular control types, like buttons or panels on a form?
I have an application that seems to have a panel where I need to get access to.

White Recorder is showing the following
private White.Core.UIItems.Panel 4850878;

The Items collection is showing a few more things like the buttons and the status bar that is around the panel but nothing extra about the panel itself. The panel doesn't seem to have a name, just an automation id which keeps changing every time i run it.
In this panel is some more buttons that do some processing and various other tasks that I will need it to do.

Any ideas on getting access to this panel?

Aug 20, 2010 at 7:55 AM


You can use UISpy (microsoft)/ UIAVerify (codeplex) to see controls in Applications

For WPF you can also use Snoop (Snoop shows each control also the ones which are not visible for UIAutomation).


Other way is use operation LogStructure on a element (for example on a window)


this will log the structure in a file, in the nunit console or in the resharper console


if your panel has no child elements than Automation Peer is not implemented (on application side) and UIAutomation and so white will not find them.


Click events to buttons can you send by position but that is not nice.


If you have a access to the developer they should implement automation peer for the panel.