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Is it possible to convert a devexpress control to a windows form control?

Oct 5, 2012 at 9:35 AM

Hi all,

We basically use DevX controls for all our UI components but I find it a pain for UI Testing.

For example, if I wanna find a devexpress simpleButton, I can only find it by :

Dim simpleButton = window.Get(SearchCriteria.ByText("SimpleButton"))


Dim simpleButton = window.Get(of White.Core.UIItems.Button)(SearchCriteria.ByText("SimpleButton"))

and the simpleButton is recoganized as white.Core.UIItems.Panel, which is sth we don't want as we can't use those properties/methods of a Button.

I read the info on the Custom UI as well but it seems that it's different issue from what I encountered.

Appreciate if you can help!