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Problem reusing controls

Sep 5, 2012 at 3:41 PM


I am trying to write a library that I can call to automate certain functions of a piece of software that we have developed. So the idea is that I automate the steps involved using white (discovery of controls, clicking controls, entering text etc) and then I can repeat this a number of times in a loop depending on what is required. However, after the first run white seems to lose the details of the control. For example, I have a number of custom textbox's that I first click into then send text using the Keyboard class. This works fine for the first run but after that (when the textbox controls have been cleared), the TextBox location seems to be reset to infinity,infinity so all that happens is that it clicks on the top left corner of my screen.

Would anyone have any ideas how I can re use some of the controls? The alternative would be to search for the controls each time but there is a bit of a delay when doing this.