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Finding Textboxes inside Usercontrols

Jul 4, 2012 at 3:55 PM

Hello again!

Now this problem will be really hard to solve iI think.

First of this is the structure i ahve to use to find the name of a textbox.


Dim textboxname as string

thetextbox = Usercontrolfastsearch.informationojbectTextBox.InfoTextBox("TEXTBOXNAME")

textboxname = thetextbox.Name()

I run my test project in a separate console application. The application i work in use different surfaces for my users, and on the same surface I have no problem in finding and clickign a button. But I cant reach that, I ahve tried with searchcritera but that gave me a strange error? Can I use search criteria if i know the name of the textbox? can White recognize the type since it's hidden in a usercontrol?

this is how i try but it fails :(


White.Core.UIItems.TextBox textbox2 = win.Get("TEXTBOXNAME");