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Accessing Win32 Controls

Jun 15, 2010 at 6:49 AM

I'm trying to access some Win32 Controls, they're third party controls of which I don't have the source code. The owners of the control have also dropped support of them.

Now, the problem I'm having is that when I want to access such a control, it doesn't return the one I was expecting. When I look at the control with UISpy I get the following, it appears as though the BoundingRectangle property is the only which differentiates one control from another. And coincidentally that property isn't available as a search parameter.

General Accessibility    AccessKey: ""    AcceleratorKey: ""    IsKeyboardFocusable: "False"    LabeledBy: "(null)"    HelpText: ""
State    IsEnabled: "True"    HasKeyboardFocus: "False"
Identification    ClassName: "APEX.COMBOHWND"    ControlType: "ControlType.Pane"    Culture: "(null)"    AutomationId: "3"    LocalizedControlType: "pane"    Name: ""    ProcessId: "2876 (RitmMainMenu_00600)"    RuntimeId: "42 67626"    IsPassword: "False"    IsControlElement: "True"    IsContentElement: "True"
Visibility    BoundingRectangle: "(967, 261, 225, 21)"    ClickablePoint: "(null)"    IsOffscreen: "False"