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Unable to find automation element on third try

Apr 14, 2010 at 8:56 PM

I had to replace my test computer recently and test that were working on the older computer no longer work.  I am sure I am missing something in my setup because I am able to run these tests on other computers I have.  I cannot figure out what is different in the setup of the two machines.

The problem I am encountering is:

I have a modal window (yes/no buttons) that I use to ask the user to confirm an action.  In my tests this modal window will be shown several times.  The first time the window is shown I can find the "yes" button by text and click it.  The second time the window is shown I can no longer find the button by the text but I can find it by automation id and click it.  The third time I try I can no longer find the text or the automation id. 

I encounter this problem for several different modal windows that are repeatly shown to the user.

Any ideas on what might be missing in my setup of my new machine?